Slavery – Never Again!

Our persistent, non-violent insistence reminds those in power that their authority has limits. They are accountable to ALL the citizens, not just the privileged few.

A great city does not hide its true history. It corrects its flaws. Lafayette has a lot of work to do.

Sign the petition to remove the Jim Crow Monument!

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"Move the Mindset is committed to promoting racial and social justice through education, dialog, the arts and direct action." - Fredrick Prejean, President.

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Move the Mindset is an organization committed to promoting racial and social justice through education, dialog, the arts and direct action. Learn more.

The Coalition

Move the Mindset has assembled a coalition of more than a dozen local, regional, and  national groups. Find out who they are, visit them, come join our coalition. Come meet them.

Our Campaigns

MTM is committed to several social justice projects. Symbolic of our focus – standing in downtown Lafayette is a Jim Crow statue that embodies racial segregation, enforced poverty, and blind hatred. Follow the progress.

Lafayette City Council Supports Resolution to Remove the Jim Crow Statue!

In a unanimous decision, the Lafayette City Council voted to support the Mayor-President’s resolution to remove the Jim Crow statue. The resolution generated a landslide of public support for removal of the statue. According to the Council clerk, 279 citizens signed up to show their support for the resolution versus only 9 citizens against. Everyone who attended or called into the Council meeting on this issue spoke in favor of supporting the resolution.

The next step is a court hearing on August 17 where a judge will decide whether to remove the permanent injunction currently prohibiting the moving of the statue. If the injunction is removed, the Mayor-President has a mandate to remove the statue. He has publicly vowed to do so, calling it a “Jim Crow statue that offends a whole class of people.”

Juneteenth 2020

The MTM Juneteenth Celebration held on Friday, June 19, 2020, in Lafayette, LA, was a huge success! Many people attended the event to commemorate the end of slavery and support the ongoing struggle against racism.

MTM President Fred Prejean speaks to a large crowd at the Juneteenth Celebration.

Juneteenth 2020 Photo Gallery