Slavery – Never Again!

Our persistent, non-violent insistence reminds those in power that their authority has limits. They are accountable to ALL the citizens, not just the privileged few.

A great city does not hide its true history. It corrects its flaws. Lafayette has a lot of work to do.


"Move the Mindset is committed to promoting racial and social justice through education, dialog, the arts, and direct action." - Fredrick Prejean, MTM Founder & First President (2016-2022)

Who We Are

Our Mission

Move the Mindset is an organization committed to promoting racial and social justice through education, dialog, the arts, and direct action. Learn more.

The Coalition

Move the Mindset has assembled a coalition of more than a dozen local, regional, and  national groups. Find out who they are, visit them, come join our coalition. Come meet them.

Our Campaigns

MTM is committed to several social justice projects. Symbolic of our focus – standing in downtown Lafayette is a Jim Crow statue that embodies racial segregation, enforced poverty, and blind hatred. Follow the progress.

What We Do

Move the Mindset’s mission is to educate our community on racial and social justice issues through education, dialogue, the arts and direct action. Your donation will help to fund our endeavors:

  • Moving the General Alfred Mouton Confederate Jim Crow statue off public-owned land
  • Investigating and influencing how local schools approach the teaching of American history, especially the era of slavery
  • Planning lectures and educational events about racial history and racial justice for our community’s enrichment
  • Working with Voice of the Experienced (VOTE) in addressing the injustices in our criminal justice system
  • Participating with the Equal Justice Initiative (EJI) in honoring those lynched in our parish (county) through the placement of Memorial Markers
  • Developing educational documentaries about life in Lafayette during the Jim Crow era
  • Teaching chess to local youth to help develop critical thinking

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Move the Mindset continued it’s soil ceremonies with Equal Justice Initiative in Aug, honoring Ovide Belizaire and an Unknown Individual.

Read media coverage on the event below.

From the Acadiana Advocate

Promotional video for the Ceremony on Youtube

More info on the ceremonies from EJI

Remembrance Soil Collection Ceremony for Antone Domingue

Rev. Zach Sasser officiates the remembrance soil collection ceremony held for Antone Domingue, lynching victim.

On Saturday, December 4, 2021, the Move the Mindset Equal Justice Initiative Committee held a remembrance soil collection ceremony for lynching victim Antone Domingue in Carencro, LA. MTM President Frederick Prejean and EJI Committee Chair Ian Beamish served as co-liasons for the event. Rev. Zach Sasser presided over the ceremony.

The ceremony was conducted as part of the Equal Justice Initiative’s nation-wide Community Remembrance Project, which seeks to memorialize the victims of racial violence and foster meaningful dialogue about race and justice.

Another remembrance soil collection ceremony is planned for next year in Youngsville, LA to memorialize racial violence victim Ovide Belizaire.

Jim Crow Mouton Statue Is Removed!

Confederate Mouton statue removed from downtown Lafayette: ‘It represents freedom’

The Jim Crow Alfred Mouton Statue was removed from Downtown Lafayette on Saturday, July 17, 2021. Crowds assembled to celebrate its removal