Move the Mindset is steadily working to rectify racial divisions of the past and move our community into a unified present.

Here are projects we believe can move the public mindset into the 21st Century. Our coalition partners are pushing Lafayette in the same direction – with serious energy > Check them out.

Moving the Jim Crow Monument: MTM spearheads the movement to move the Jim Crow Monument (aka the Alfred Mouton Statue) in Downtown Lafayette. Take it down!

Equal Justice Initiative: MTM is a member of the EJI national initiative to memorialize the victims of lynchings. We are hosting events in the area to memorialize local victims.

Educating Our Community: We sponsor educational events to help move the mindset by promoting the truth about racial injustice.

Documentary Project: Documenting life under Jim Crow in Lafayette, LA, and the heroes who resisted. A video/audio interview series (now being edited).