Move the Mindset is an organization committed to promoting racial and social justice through education, dialog, the arts and direct action.


To educate the citizens of Lafayette about our shared history including Slavery, The Civil War, Reconstruction, the Lost Cause Ideology, and the Jim Crow and Civil Rights eras.

To expose the false narratives, misconceptions and attitudes that continue to create distrust and division.

To overcome imposed obstacles to healthy community development.


Expand the parish-wide community conversations about equal justice and full equality.

While an important goal has been to physically move the glaring Jim Crow era General Mouton statue to an educational site (museum or Civil War battlefield), our intent is to establish community acknowledgement: that slavery and racial terrorism are evil; that seeking forgiveness is appropriate for the hatred represented by slavery;  that reconciliation is the final frontier we must engage.


All members, partnering organizations and individuals acting in association with MTM must demonstrate the following values in activities related to MTM:

  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Unity
  • Cooperation