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By Fredrick Prejean, MTM President


I welcome you to Move the Mindset and thank you for visiting our website. Our organization Move the Mindset is a grassroots organization committed to promoting racial and social justice in Lafayette, Louisiana, both city and parish.  We are changing the way leadership is taught and learned in our community, all from a values-driven perspective. We were originally organized for the purpose of relocating the Alfred Mouton Confederate Statue, a Jim Crow-era symbol of white supremacy and segregation, to an appropriately contextualized location to be used as a teaching tool.

While we remain committed to seeing the statue relocated, we have now evolved into an educational advocacy and community development organization addressing discrimination, civil rights and other human rights disparities.

We live and breathe creativity. We find uncommon solutions to problems, bring new ideas to familiar programs, and celebrate the unique and colorful people with whom we work. We are Change Agents.

Our organization is a Truth Commission, the face of reality, a type of social peace dedicated to unearthing accuracy of past racial and social injustices and supporting unification and reconciliation after decades of subjugation, divisiveness and violence. We are focused on influencing public attitudes, policies and laws aimed at creating a more socially just society guided by the vision of human rights. We teach awareness of socio-economic inequities and protection of economic, ecological, social, cultural, civil, and political rights, as well as equality on the basis of racial and sexual identity, and we say “never again” to experiences of oppression. Then we find solutions.

We are here to have a voice in our community, as every American citizen should– regardless of race, ethnicity, culture, sexual preference or religion. We are a voice that is representative of the interest of free people, equal in every respect. Our methodology is transparent and manifested through education, dialogue, the arts and direct action. We mirror town hall meetings, rallies, and kitchen table discussions and direct action that have been the sites of power building, strategy, and real victories, by and for people who have been marginalized for generations and for the benefit of our entire community. We are Change Agents.

We have created this platform to articulate and support the ambitions and work of people who are supportive of enhancing humanitarian progress throughout our community and as far as we can reach. We seek to overcome decades of silence about the true historical legacy and present-day effects of racism and racist patterns of relationship in our community. We bring People Together.

We have and will continue to challenge disparities and discrimination people face today in and because of policies and practices regarding Health and Environmental Issues, Education, Employment, Housing, Economic Development, Women’s Rights, LBGTQ+ Rights, Voting Rights, Gerrymandering, Gentrification, Redlining, Mass Incarceration, Police Brutality, and more. Please help us create a woke community. We will Be the Change.

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